Meta has sold at least 1 million Quest 3 headsets

Meta has sold at least 1 million Quest 3 headsets

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At least a million people have bought a Quest 3, but the number is probably higher.


Developer and VR enthusiast Daven Bigelow has been tracking how many people have tried Meta First Encounters’ mixed reality tutorial, which is only playable in Quest 3.

Every person with a Meta account who has played through the app at least once will receive an achievement. Today, this achievement has exceeded 1 million participants. This strongly suggests that at least one million Quest 3 headsets have been sold.

Since not all Quest 3 buyers have played First Encounters, the number of units sold may be higher. For example, if only one in two people played First Encounters, the number of units sold would be two million.


Quest 3S will beat Quest 3

Meta Quest 3 was released on October 10, 2023 and is available in the US starting at $500. This makes the next-generation standalone headset much more expensive than the Quest 2, which launched in 2020 for $300.

In March 2023, six months before the launch of the Quest 3, an internal presentation was revealed showing that the previous Quest headsets, namely the Quest 1, 2 and Pro, have sold over 20 million units to date, with the Quest 2 taking the share of the lion. of units sold.

Meta’s next best-selling headset won’t be the Quest 3, but the much-rumored Quest 3S. According to reliable reports, the cheaper headset may soon follow in the footsteps of the Quest 2, allegedly with the Quest 3’s significantly more powerful chipset, color transitions, the same controllers and parity of features in the software.

Meanwhile, stocks of the Quest 2 are running low, so the launch of the Quest 3S could be coming soon.

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