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Fairfield, CT, USA, June 27, 2024, Chainwire

Uses blockchain and Web3 to incentivize users

to share and share essential threat data

Interlock today announced a Web3-driven, crowdsourced Internet security community aimed at making the Internet safer for everyone from individuals to global enterprises. Today the company also announced the worldwide general availability of its flagship product ThreatSlayer, a Web3 security browser extension that harnesses the power of blockchain, AI and a global community of users to revolutionize Internet security.

Today’s announcement of the ThreatSlayer production release follows a year of beta testing by 29,000+ weekly active users, 80% of whom are outside the United States. The community already includes active members on X, Telegram and Discord.

Adding to the buzz of the Web3 community, Interlock’s CEO recently appeared on Entrepreneur’s “Elevator Pitch,” where he garnered interest in a potential $100,000 investment from Marc Randolph, Netflix (NASDAQ:) co-founder and former CEO, in a first broadcast of 600,00, people.

Compatible with most major browsers, ThreatSlayer is available as a free download that installs instantly. It immediately starts protecting internet users from dangerous website URLs and scams, whether the malicious links come from phishing, fake ads, search or browsing. Working as part of the browser, ThreatSlayer can block malicious sites before damage is done. While it helps everyone address legacy issues in today’s compromised Web2 Internet, it is especially suited for Web3 early adopters and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Combining the power of the crowd with AI to revolutionize online security

Born out of the need for more effective online security, despite the billions of dollars spent on existing Web2 solutions, Interlock was conceived to combat ongoing phishing and social engineering attacks with Web3 technology and community-driven threat intelligence to deliver Internet cyber security designed for a digital and crypto- focused world.

To power ThreatSlayer’s defenses with the best possible threat intelligence, Interlock rewards users for sharing anonymous security data. While no security solution is perfect, there is safety in numbers, and building the world’s largest community for gathering threat intelligence is central to what makes it revolutionary.

Equally revolutionary is the company’s innovative use of blockchain technology and AI in its platform.

In the coming weeks, Interlock will introduce its own utility coin $ILOCK used to pay incentives and enable community members to use cryptocurrencies to facilitate rewards and security deployment, where users can earn additional arguments to fix Interlock threat detection when it does something wrong. . Think of it as a combined PayPal (NASDAQ: ) cheat and Twitter community note-style review system. The $ILOCK coin will be available on Arbitrum, the leading Layer 2 (L2) network with a vast user base of 11.6 million, and Aleph Zero, a public blockchain focused on privacy. By making the $ILOCK coin available on these platforms, Interlock empowers users with choice and increases security for all participants while expanding its network.

The Interlock Guide

Interlock’s short-term product roadmap includes ThreatSlayer on Mainent, Token Generation Event (TGE) and Security Staking.

Later this year, the company’s business plan to go public is to monetize the shared security data it is collecting on the $11 billion annual B2B threat intelligence market, creating a first-of-its-kind platform its human-sourced threat intelligence. The company will also introduce enterprise versions of its products over the next 12 months.

In keeping with the best practices of a Web3 community leader, Interlock is very transparent and provides a wealth of additional information in the resource center on the website and on GitHub.

“Interlock’s mission is to solve the legacy security issues of Web2 by leveraging the power of Web3. Our unique approach is made possible by encouraging users to share security data and use our security tools,” said Rick Deacon, co-founder and CEO at Interlock. “With ThreatSlayer leading the charge, we’re creating a new era of cyber security that is both effective and comprehensive. As we embark on this journey, we are grateful for the support of our investors, who share our vision for a safer online world.”

The company has raised $4.1 million in funding through two oversubscribed private sales of $ILOCK led by Outlier Ventures.

“We are very confident in our investment to support Interlock’s mission to revolutionize Web3 security,” said Jamie Burke, founder of Outlier Ventures. “The security implications of Web3 self-sovereignty are an impossible burden for most users. ThreatSlayer is a simple browser extension that protects individuals and allows them to join an army of 29,000 users to gather threat source intelligence and earn as they go.”

How Interlock’s revolutionary ecosystem works

The Interlock ecosystem includes ThreatSlayer, the web security browser extension for users; Galactus, the open source data link and rewards system; and Octahedron, a proprietary AI-driven threat detection tool.

In the Interlock ecosystem, ThreatSlayer users can choose incentives to continuously collect web activity and transmit anonymous threat intelligence to Galactus.

Octahedron, the heart of Interlock’s technology, then uses the data to detect, classify and even predict malicious entities online.

An advanced AI threat detection tool, Octahedron was created to navigate the complexities of cyberspace and constantly update ThreatSlayer to enhance its protection for users. Leveraging supervised learning from the SciKit-learn library, it excels at classifying objects, distinguishing relationships, and predicting trends based on historical data. Using Interlock’s proprietary Decision Tree algorithm, it evaluates websites to identify potential threats and prevent users from entering dangerous cyber territories.

Octahedron is trained on a variety of data, including known crypto scams, phishing links, dangerous URLs, malware and more, ensuring it has a keen eye for problems. Constantly fed with new data from the community, Octahedron constantly evolves into an increasingly effective cybersecurity tool.

Adding dimensions such as the presence of specific keywords such as “cryptocurrency” or “free money,” examining suspicious JavaScript functions, detecting malicious code, and evaluating a website’s domain reputation and traffic patterns increases accuracy its in identifying malicious websites. . As Octaedron’s dimensions multiply, so does its effectiveness in protecting against online threats.

As this robust online security data ecosystem thrives, Interlock’s blockchain infrastructure, the backbone of the operation, ensures user trust and systemic security. Together, these components seamlessly weave a harmonized system where data collection, threat analysis and token rewards converge in a synchronized dance.

Reputable team of Interlock

Interlock CEO and co-founder Rick Deacon has an extensive background in cybersecurity from hacking MySpace to building the next generation of Decentralized Security. Rick was the former CEO of a Y Combinator-funded browser security platform startup that sold their software technology to Coinbase (NASDAQ: ), Gemini and Uber (NYSE: ).

The company also benefits from the expertise of two senior advisors, Ethan Johnson and Ajeet Khurana. With over a decade of cybersecurity experience, Ethan shapes Interlock’s enterprise product strategy, drawing on his specialization in crypto architecture and control design. His security roles at Citadel Securities, Galaxy Digital and The Bank of New York Mellon (NYSE: ) underscore his expertise in securing the emerging digital asset sector.

“Unlike many AI companies that materialized overnight, the Interlock team has been building and fine-tuning AI-based web browsing defenses for years,” said Ethan Johnson, Interlock Advisor. “I’m excited about their potential to make dangerous web browsing safer.”

Ajeet, founder of Reflexical, brings a strong background to assist Interlock in its mission to bridge the Web3 security gap. His previous roles, including CEO of India’s largest CEX and Head of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Committee, equip him with a unique perspective and expertise for Interlock’s success.

“Interlock’s innovative approach to driving security combines the power of artificial intelligence with the collective power of the crowd,” said Ajeet Khurana, Interlock Advisor. “In the self-sovereign realm of Web3, security concerns can be daunting for most users. However, ThreatSlayer offers a unique solution. By seamlessly integrating AI and the community, users can identify threats and earn rewards effortlessly.”

Join the Interlock Community

User who is ready to get better online protection and start getting rewarded for their browsing can download ThreatSlayer now and become part of fast growing Interlock community. To learn more about ThreatSlayer, the Interlock ecosystem, Web3, blockchain, tokenomics and much more, visit our extensive resource library and be sure to check out our communities on Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram and Discord. Users can feel free to drop in, say hello and ask questions.

About Interlock

Interlock is pioneering security transformation within the Web3 with its AI-powered browser extension, Threatslayer. Protecting users from dangerous websites, wallet drains and scams while rewarding and incentivizing them to share data, Interlock powers a unique crowd-sourced threat intelligence platform. Interlock boasts 30,000+ weekly users and a community of 79,000 and is backed by $4.1 million in oversubscribed private sale funding led by Outlier Ventures.

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