Custom AI Chatbot characters are coming to Instagram soon

In an extensive video interview with the founder of Wavy Labs, Ken Sutter, aka Kallaway, CEO and founder of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg said that his company will soon release tools that will allow US users of Instagram to make custom chatbot characters with AI.

The feature will be part of AI Studio, which was announced last September by Meta, and will allow creators and small businesses to create their own custom AI chatbot characters that can respond to messages or conduct live chats on Instagram. Zuckerberg says the feature is being tested now with about 50 creators and will roll out to a small percentage of users with a possible full rollout in late July or August.

These moves are part of a rush by tech companies to dominate the chatbot space. This battle involves Google, Microsoft, Apple and OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT. As reported by TechCrunch, the interview comes on the same day that Character.AI announced that it is publicly launching the ability for users to talk to AI characters through voice calls and messages.

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CNET reporter Imad Khan, who has been examining chatbots for months, calls them a “really incredible tool” that can also be “surprisingly stupid.” Inaccurate AI information, including the recent debacle where Google’s AI Briefings recommended users add pizza dough, have made headlines and sent companies scrambling to fix their systems.

“Whether it’s a creator creating an AI agent to interact with their community … or it could be a virtual person that you create,” Zuckerberg said. “It should be very simple for any business to push a few buttons, get an agent version of themselves that can do customer support and e-commerce support. I think that’s going to be really powerful.”

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A date has not yet been set

A Meta spokesperson told CNET that there is no official date for when this Meta AI Studio feature will be available anymore.

“Our AI-powered generative experiences are in various stages of development and we are testing a number of them publicly,” the spokesperson said. “This includes AIs created by creators using AI Studio, Meta’s AI development platform. We’re excited to share more soon.”

Other technologies Zuckerberg touted in the interview included Meta’s neural belt project, which Zuckerberg said could emerge as his platform, and Meta’s AR glasses, which would include holographic AI characters.

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