Android Auto 12.3 arrives: Try out the new features

Android Auto 12.3 beta update has arrived. This update has been more anticipated than usual, coming ten days after the release of Android Auto 12.2. Here’s what you need to know about this new update.

What’s new in Android Auto 12.3 Beta?

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If you’re part of the Android Auto beta program on Google Play, you can now download the 12.3 beta update. This update comes about two weeks after the last beta release. As with previous updates, it can be challenging to identify new features because Google often doesn’t specify them. They often make updates with internal changes that are not immediately apparent.

User interface changes

After updating to Android Auto 12.3 beta, you may notice some familiar elements. The gray icons that highlight apps you can’t open while driving are still there. These icons have changed in the past, first showing a car symbol, then the letter “P”. For now, they remain grayed out, indicating that Google may have found a design they’re happy with.

Addressing Issues

Some users have reported disconnection issues with Android Auto. It’s too early to tell if the 12.3 beta update fixes these issues. In my experience, I have not had these problems before and I do not have them now. We’ll have to wait for feedback from other users to know for sure. Google hasn’t updated the list of known issues since last month, but that doesn’t mean fixes haven’t been made. Often, updates include internal fixes and performance improvements.

Continuous improvements

Every Android Auto update includes improvements and fixes, even if they’re not always obvious. If you’ve had problems with previous versions of Android Auto, it’s a good idea to update to the 12.3 beta version. Regular updates show Google’s commitment to improving the user experience and ensuring the reliability of the platform.

How to get Android Auto 12.3 beta update

If you’re eager to try out the new features and improvements, the Android Auto 12.3 beta update will automatically roll out to your device if you’re signed up for the beta program on Google Play. If you’re not part of the beta program, you can still use the update by downloading the Android Auto 12.3 beta APK from APKMirror and installing it manually. This way, you can experience the latest updates without waiting for the official release.

User experience

The Android Auto 12.3 beta update focuses on improving the user experience. The unchanged gray icons for apps that cannot be accessed while driving indicate a stable interface, which is essential for safe driving. This consistency helps users familiarize themselves with the icons, reducing distraction along the way.

Stability and Performance

Addressing stability issues is a core aspect of this update. Disconnection issues have been a major concern for many users. While it’s too early to confirm whether these issues have been resolved, ongoing updates and fixes suggest that Google is actively working to improve the platform’s reliability. Users who update to the 12.3 beta version can experience improved stability, contributing to a smoother and more reliable driving experience.

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Internal fixes and performance improvements

Although not always obvious, internal fixes and performance improvements are an important part of every update. These improvements ensure that the platform runs smoothly, reducing the likelihood of crashes or other issues. By regularly updating the platform, Google demonstrates its commitment to maintaining a high-quality user experience.

User feedback and community involvement

Community feedback is vital to the continued improvement of Android Auto. Users enrolled in the beta program play a crucial role in identifying issues and providing feedback. This collaborative approach helps Google address issues more effectively, ensuring that each update meets the needs of its users.

The importance of consistency in the user interface

One of the notable aspects of the Android Auto 12.3 beta update is its emphasis on maintaining a consistent user interface. Gray icons for apps that cannot be used while driving are a good example. By keeping these icons the same across updates, Google ensures that users don’t have to relearn or adapt to new symbols frequently. This consistency is essential for safety, as it minimizes distraction and helps drivers focus on the road.

Addressing connectivity issues

Connectivity issues have been a constant problem for Android Auto users. The 12.3 beta update, while not explicitly addressing these issues in its notes, may include behind-the-scenes fixes. Disconnection issues can be frustrating and can interrupt the driving experience. By addressing these issues, even subtly, Google increases the credibility of the platform. Users who have faced these issues should monitor their experience with the new update and provide feedback to Google.

The role of beta testing

Beta testing is a critical phase in software development. It allows a subset of users to experience new updates and provide feedback before a full public release. This process helps identify bugs and issues that may not have been apparent during internal testing. For Android Auto, beta testers play an essential role in ensuring that updates are stable and user-friendly. Their feedback helps shape the final product, making it stronger and more reliable for all users.

Benefits of regular updates

Regular updates are a hallmark of a well-maintained software platform. They demonstrate the developer’s commitment to improvement and responsiveness to user feedback. For Android Auto, these updates ensure that the platform evolves with user needs and technological advances. Regular updates also mean that any vulnerabilities or security flaws are addressed immediately, keeping the system secure and efficient.

The future of Android Auto

Looking ahead, the future of Android Auto looks promising. With constant updates and improvements, Google is likely to introduce more advanced features and integrations. As the automotive industry moves towards more connected and autonomous vehicles, platforms like Android Auto will play a crucial role in providing a seamless and integrated driving experience. Future updates may include better integration with car systems, more voice control features and improved connectivity options.


The Android Auto 12.3 beta update is more than a routine update. It represents Google’s ongoing efforts to improve and enhance the platform, addressing user concerns and improving the overall experience. For users, staying updated with the latest beta versions means enjoying a more reliable and efficient driving companion. As Android Auto continues to evolve, users can expect even more innovative features and improvements that make driving safer and more enjoyable. Feedback and regular engagement from the community will continue to shape the future of Android Auto, ensuring it meets the needs of drivers around the world.

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